Chinese high quality durable stage electric hoist

Chinese high quality durable stage electric hoist

Specification Details:
1.Loading capacity:0.5~2T;
2.Lifting height:3~40M;
3.Lifting speed:2~15m/min or Customized;
4.Power supply:220~240V,50/60HZ,Single phase;
5.Easy to install,operate,maintain and with CE,ISO.
Advantanges and Features
1) High efficient, light weight motor, non asbestos brake system, low energy consumption;
2) Chain galvanized processing, not easy to rust, More reliable performance;
3) Stamping steel shell, light and rugged;
4) High strength safety hook, withstand accidental overload shock without fracture, overweight will only gradually deformation;
5) Limit switch: Hang Hang have limit switching device, the motor automatically stop, prevent the chain beyond, to ensure the safety;
6)Easy to install and operate and maintain.

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electric hoist
1. Efficient,lightweight motors,the first non-asbestos brake system,low energy consumption.
2. Stamping steel shell,lightweight and sturdy.
3. High-strength safety hook,to withstand the impact of accidental overload fracture does not occur only gradually deformed.
4. Lightweight,attractive and durable molded chain bad
5. Limit switch:limit switch hanging under the hanging device,the motor automatically stops to prevent the chain beyond,to ensure safety.
6. The heat-treated steel plate shaped chain guide.
7. Among single operation,easy maintenance.
8. Pros and cons of two-way and all-weather design.
9. Spiral with adjustable limit switches,higher reliability.
10. Chain galvanized,rust
11.The grease in the gear box installed to prevent the droplets penetrate into the arena
12. Hoist motor is sealed within a cylindrical shell of aluminum rims,permanent motor insurance
13. Suitable to be connected with a variety of controllers and circuit distributor
14. The dual brake system to ensure safe operation.


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