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  • Chinese high quality durable stage electric hoist

    Specification Details:
    1.Loading capacity:0.5~2T;
    2.Lifting height:3~40M;
    3.Lifting speed:2~15m/min or Customized;
    4.Power supply:220~240V,50/60HZ,Single phase;
    5.Easy to install,operate,maintain and with CE,ISO.
    Advantanges and Features
    1) High efficient, light weight motor, non asbestos brake system, low energy consumption;
    2) Chain galvanized processing, not easy to rust, More reliable performance;
    3) Stamping steel shell, light and rugged;
    4) High strength safety hook, withstand accidental overload shock without fracture, overweight will only gradually deformation;
    5) Limit switch: Hang Hang have limit switching device, the motor automatically stop, prevent the chain beyond, to ensure the safety;
    6)Easy to install and operate and maintain.

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